seth and bigbooms adventure in C17

add to a good song at the end

The lack of good in this comic is particularly particular.

Seth is dead!?!


I faked it, here i am :smiley:

Do you even know seth and bibgoom?

Guy,do you love Seth and Bigboom or smething?Most of your screens and comics are about them -.-

Troll comic alert

no he’s not a troll

Hehe Raptor, what are we gonna do with you?

Get you to compress your comics into a single comic may be the first thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Diwako is an evil bastard :v:

for the first and I love them not, but their skin is super good to have in the series so.


hahah sorry man i was tired

But look on the bright side. He didn’t use inside jokes.


This might be the worst comic I’ve ever read.

:bick:Worst Comic ever.Stop sucking Seth’s and Big’s dicks.They’re not special,They’re not awesome,Just users on Facepunch

It’s so bad, I’m scared :ohdear:

if you don`t like it silent and zeraxify so dont rate for fuck sake!!

If you don’t likie comments don’t post skin shit comics.

Oh god what is this.