SethBlock - Block SethHack users from your server


An online database of reported and confirmed SethHack users, that is updated regularly and keeps your server away from SethHackers.

  • Simple addon that exists out of 2 files (SethBlock.lua and gm_glsock.dll)
  • Online Database, so updated regularly
  • Kicks when a SethHacker joins.
  • No more TTT cheaters or minges.
  • Whitelist people that are flagged as SethHackers but you still want to enter your server.

Download Plugin: Here
Visit site: Here

hmm is this trusted? can someone check… and also there is no license agreement on how you keep the server information secret. Server owners should think if this is what they want. Because i dont see any license agreement in the website. What if you are angry at someone and just ban them. How much is your service fair? Also the site could use more details and information.

The SteamID’s seem to be correct, not sure about the .dll though.

The DLL is completely safe, its gm_glsock.dll (Sockets integration by mattmodules)
You can download it hereif you don’t trust the one in the ZIP, I understand that.

The zip is fine i scanned it. I think it just makes server owners uncomfortable by adding a system wich they can’t monitor. But it’s up to the people to choose not me.

So basically your taking the Exiled ban list and adding people you don’t like?
When was this last updated? Maybe once or twice?
Also the Exiled ban list has many flaws in it, over half the users were false detection’s for using mac computers. I am even on that fucking ban list because I joined on my friends mac PC, got me banned on half the GMod servers available.

Most corrupt way of solving this problem.

Fun fact: Half the “confirmed sethhack users” on here, were never confirmed in the first place.

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This is a bad method of doing this, and the list is tiny.

I want to add more, dont take my other post as all bad.

I really love the idea, but I think that it is a bit much for one simple hack. If people want they can make their own anticheat, manually add the public SteamID’s (kind of a bitch move), or honestly have their own ban list and ban people when they catch them hacking.

One thing I always thought sounded amazing was ban list sharing, I even made a program that would grab cheaters steam ID’s of of about 80 communities ban lists. But when I though about it, it was a terrible idea. Maybe someone was improperly banned and then they get banned on every sever they try join? Even if they were banned they at least need another chance because not everyone is always a cheater or always bad. Again, the idea was good but the presentation kinda shot it all down.

Also: Did you edit the gslock module or did you just compile what was already there?

I wouldn’t say this “blocks” SH rather just an addon to automatically kick people on a list. Who may or may-not use SethHack.

I wouldn’t trust a list of IPs that came from a guy with 2 posts.

He is probably using an alt.

Probably because you’re in the list.

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Those are SteamID’s and what is not to trust?

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The ID’s are from different sources, and think a bit, It has been released yesterday.
You are probably also a SethHacker.

If I am, your list is inaccurate. I’ve never used SethHack. Your list has ~500 less ID’s than my own verified list (I have 683)


Different sources; therefore unverifiable. What makes you think he is a sethhacker? Where’s your confirmation? Why accuse people if you can’t back it up.

Pick up and leave.

Nifty idea, but worst possible implementation possible.

People are stating a fact, and you say they use SethHack because they’re stating a fact. Also, why would anyone trust a source they have little to no knowledge of?

My tips for your next attempt to do such idea:

  • No .tk websites jesus a website domain is like 5 euro’s.
  • Keep it professional and use referenches why people can trust you.
  • Make a license agreemen on your website so owners know what they can do if you cheat the system.
  • Put more information on the website.
  • Work on your website coding skills and on the design and the logo.

If your going to say that you got them from differant sources please also provide proof next to the SteamID that they are a Sethhacker (And remember, this is sethhack, not any hack. You have to prove it is sethhack)

Also if your going to accuse people and say “You are probably also a SethHacker” why should we trust you? Just going to randomly add people or something? Honestly I thought you were doing this for good but you fucked it all up and even wen’t against yourself. I don’t see any confirmation of sethhacking on any of these SteamID’s and you also do not give sources to where you got the ones you added.

In his defence, at least he escaped his inputs in his SQL.

I’m a what now?