Setings for hosting your own server (deathrun)

Hey all,

I an setting up a server. I already visited Gmod wikia ( ) for how to host a server. So thats not the problem. i also got a real server instaled computer. We use it to download much so i get father so far that i am allowed to host a gmod server. and he already did set the Ports (i believe they are called that way xD). so its ready for use but in need more info.

i got a few questions.

Fist of all i want to make a deathrun server. So i want to disable building mode. my question: how to do that?

second i wanted to use ULX admin mod. Is that useful?

And at last, can you explain about some useful settings?

THX :smiley:

Could a admin move this post to sever hosting. i was suppose to come there xD

I prefer ASSMOD or Evolve for admin mods. They have more features.

Also if you have trouble that people cant connect. Its because even though you forwarded the ports it still maybe blocked. If you use something like ooma, it blocks your routers connection.

  1. Well the building mode should be auto turned off by the gamemode.

  2. ULX is fine mod in general, so if your not familiar with other Admin mods, use ULX.
    Ofcourse its just a opinion of me.

  3. What server settings?
    Like no clipping?

For the deathrun server, turn off noclip and godmode.
Turn ppldamage on. (Dunno if thats the correct spelling)

Just in general, the variables.
1 = True. (Yes)
0 = False. (No)