SetLocalVelocity Stops


I’m using Entity:SetLocalVelocity() to make en entity move, which works quite well. The only problem is that if the entity I’ve set the velocity to collides with a player/entity stops moving and loses it’s velocity, even if the entity it collides in has collission group set to COLLISION_GROUP_WORLD.

Is there some work around on this problem?

Thx in advance.

Have you tried entity:SetVelocity() ?

yes, and that isn’t what I am looking for since LocalVelocity sets the velocity in relation to the world while setvelocity doesn’t

Since the world can’t move, aren’t all velocities in relation to the world?

You apply the velocity to the object, so its in relation to the object …


I don’t post here withouth using the wiki and testing myself.

some wiki quotes:

Entity.SetLocalVelocity : Instantly changes the velocity of an entity in relation to the world.
Entity.SetVelocity : Instantly changes the velocity of an entity, relative to itself.

Edit 2:

By using Entity:SetVelocity I get exactly the same problem