SetMaxSpeed increases walk speed?

So I’ve been working on an edited J.I. Defense Solutions addon for my server, but what I noticed in both the WS and my server is that after equipping the vests (There is a speed reduction), you walk at the new sprint speed. (e.g. if you had sprint speed 200 and walk speed 100, then you equipped a vest that slows you by 10%, now you walk and run at 180)

When I dug into the code, the code used to slow the player down was SetMaxSpeed in a SetupMove hook. The actual max speed IS reduced, but players walk at their new reduced running speed.

I am unsure why this is happening, and I would like to ask for some assistance. Thanks in advance!

You’re supposed to use SetWalkSpeed() for setting the walk speed of a player.
Same apply for sprint. (SetRunSpeed())