setname and dropmoney/givemoney command

First of all, i don’t need the rp_givemoney, rp_setname,… commands.
I need 3 commands:
!setname <newrpname> set your rp name
!dropmoney <amount> drops money, duh
!givemoney <amount> gives money to the player looking at

Anyone could make these for me?
Thanks (:

Are you using DarkRP?

Oh, yes, forgot to mention

These are default commands?..


Any idea where i can edit them?

If you need to ask that, then you shouldn’t be editing them.

The darkrp command system is for forward slash, command, changing it could make it potentially a struggle for players to use.

You can also change the prefix required to activate the commands using the DarkRPModification they released, it’s a built in feature in the config.

Honestly though, that would be a pretty big change.

If you read the darkrp gamemode it states “DO NOT” edit any files in this gamemode. If its not in the darkrpmodification folder then its not safe to edit. Understood? You can still do it but if you do after being told here not to Nobody will help you as you have been warned.