SetNWInt Error

So I heard that “SetNWInt” was changed after the gmod update which is causing an error on one of my scripts but I cannot figure out how to fix it. The dev isn’t fixing it so don’t tell me to contact him please.

So this is the error:

This is the code. The highlighted code is the code that changed after the update:

Change PrinterName one to SetNWString. All the rest should work fine.

And nothing was learned.

I’d suggest you read up on what “Set Networked Integer” means, it would probably help you see why sending a string where the game expects a number might be a bad thing.

If you are unsure what a function does, always check the gmod wiki first, then make a topic:

Oh ok I see thank you for your help! :smile: I will check the wiki from now on, I never really took a look at the wiki so I didn’t know I could have done that.

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Thank you for your help :smile: Appreciate it

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There you go! Fixed: