SetNWString error?

Hello guys. I’m having a serious problem on murder, for some reason players’ names are “bystander”. Searching on the code I found that this happens when bystander names could not be found.
So here’s server side code and client side code:

On server console I’m receiving the bystander names.

function EntityMeta:GenerateBystanderName()
	local words = math.max(1, GAMEMODE.BystanderWords:GetInt())
	local name = GAMEMODE:GenerateName(words)
	self:SetNWString("bystanderName", name)
	self.BystanderName = name

In this part of the code chat.AddText is priting “recebi nome” only, without bystander name

function EntityMeta:GetBystanderName()
	local name = self:GetNWString("bystanderName")
	chat.AddText("recebi nome " .. self:GetNWString("bystanderName"))
	if !name || name == "" then
		return "Bystander" 
	return name

Anyone know how to fix It?

Update your server.

Running Murder on: version : 14.09.08/24 5928 secure, getting same problem.

Latest version is 15.25.03

Right, sorries, everything works on version : 14.09.08/24 5969 secure

I had similar problems, but didn’t see a new post on the changelog :stuck_out_tongue:
What was the update about?