Setrelationship filter help

I’m trying to create a base against friends by using multiple npcs. I am trying to make my npcs (lets call them mynpc) attack all other npcs and it doesn’t work very well. I can do ent_fire mynpc setrelationship “<npc> d_ht” but with this method I have to input it 24 times or so in order for all the npcs to be targeted.

I have read that you can use npc_* as a filter to target everything with npc_ in the name (ent_fire mynpc setrelationship “npc_* d_ht”) but it doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Is there a way to get this filter to work? Could it have something to do with “setenemyfilter” which is a an input i am unable to find on google?

I have made an executable cfg file with 30+ commands to set the relationship of an npc but when you do it multiple times my game crashes with “no free edicts”

Any/All legitimate help is welcome