SetSequence Not Working for "animating" this model

Still not working :’(

Listen to what I say at the end and what is in the vid description. Would you please be able to just make a BASIC entity like this with a simple animation like is shown. just make it rotate. Show the whole process. I just used OBS to record it. Super small video file size and quick to upload.


Lets isolate your issue.

Right on your model ( not the entity ) in the spawnmenu and select edit icon.

Now try to play your animation.

If it works - the problem is the entity, if it doesnt - the problem is the model.

If the problem is the model - please go to the modelling subforum .

When I click on the animation, the model is rotated clockwise 90 degrees, but there is no animation. It goes through the paces of the 60 frames, but it isn’t actually doing anything. So…

Since it is a model problem how would you like me to go about doing this?
You want me to make a whole new thread with a collection of all the information gathered from this post?
How can I go about doing this without being banned from the forums?
Thank you.

Go to and create a thread there.

You are more likely to get help with a modelling problem in a modelling forum, don’t you agree?

Alright, you may lock the thread. I’m going to edit the original post here and link to the new thread incase someone gets linked here from Google for example and is having the same issue I’m having.

Hopefully the guys over in the modelling forum can help out.

Thank you everyone for all of your help and knowledge on the subject. I’ve learned a lot more about the Source engine.

Thank you Robotboy for being descriptive with your replies. Have a good day.

If the thread should be marked as “Solved” then go for it, but otherwise go ahead and lock it until then I’ll leave it how it is. Thanks again! I’ll be over int he modelling forum now.