/setspawn on DarkRP

Ok, I’ve gotten a new map that has a ton of random spawns, And I want to set a spawn or each job, I can /setspawn hobo
But I can’t /setspawn gun dealer or /setspawn TEAM_GUN

Try /setspawn Dealer. Try all variants of their name you can think of until it works

can you /setspawn any other class other than hobo?

I have Mod Gun Dealer, Drug Dealer, and yep, don’t work.

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Yea I can, But if a job has a space… It doesn’t set a spawn.

try doing /setspawn “gun dealer”

HAHA Yea, I’ve tried, It thinks " is part of the name of a jobs.

You can, you just have to keep on trying every combination you can think of for the job until it works. I’ve done it on my own server once with jobs like Police Officer and Gun Dealer and Drug Dealer and all that. You just have to fiddle with it

When I got this the npc didn't spawn:
        Here are the NPC Details
NPCSHOP.CarSpawn = {}
NPCSHOP.SpawnPoint = {}
NPCSHOP.Name = ""
NPCSHOP.Model = "models/avengers/iron man/patriot_player.mdl"
NPCSHOP.SpawnPoint["rp_downtown_v4c_v2"] = {  
                Pos = Vector(1247.843506, -1104.063965, -131.968750),
                Ang = Angle(-4.619995, 178.320023, 0.000000)

// Player Question
NPCSHOP.Question_1 = "Can you please take my car away."
NPCSHOP.Question_2 = "Hey! I'm looking for a new car."
NPCSHOP.Question_3 = "You can't help me. Nobody can help me."
// NPC Answers
NPCSHOP.Answer_1 = "Yeah sure. It should be away now."
NPCSHOP.Answer_2 = "Here are all the cars we currently have."
NPCSHOP.Answer_3 = ""
NPCSHOP.CarSpawn["rp_downtown_v4c_v2"] = {
                Pos = Vector(1216.347168, -942.836731, -139.968750),
                Ang = Angle(6.600004, 179.780060, 0.000000)