Setting a ragdoll's clothing colour (NOT ent:SetColor())

Basically i am making a DarkRP module that makes dead players drop serverside ragdolls that act identical to the clientside ones apart from the fact that they persist for a while so you can visibly see the aftermath of a large firefight.
Everything is working but the only problem is the ragdolls clothing is all a blue/greyish colour so if two people with the same model die you cant tell which is which.
Basically is there a way to set the ragdolls clothing colour? I can’t find any functions for it on the wiki.

i did a tool for gmod recently, it’s easy to do

ragdoll.GetPlayerColor = function() return Vector(1,0,0) end

That will make the ragdoll change the cloth to red

Tried that but it didn’t work though that’s probably because its shared and i’m calling it on a serverside function so I guess i have to do some re-egineering to call it within a shared function.

Thanks for that anyway, it showed me what my problem is lol