Setting a weapons color?

As there are only so many models you can pick for a weapon, so I wanted to differentiate the ones I’m working on by color.

I found the SetColor command, but honestly have no clue where or how to impliment it.
I found out to use self:SetColor(X,X,X,X) under the init portion and it will show up 3rd person, but I can’t figure out how to make it appear in the 1st person view.

I’m not very good at LUA and still trying to learn. =/

What are you trying to do?
Set the color of the weapon the player is holding?
or just set the entire entity to a different color?

What is the difference between those two?

I’m guessing just change the color of the weapon? (not any weapon, just a specific one)

Tell me exactly what you are trying to do

I want a given weapon to be a setcolor in 1st and 3rd person., ie a red glock.

self.SetColor() works for the model in 3rd person, (ie when other people are looking at me)
but my first person view of the model looks exactly the same.

Color the equipped wep Client side, so only the client will c the color but everyone else wont.

but… I want both is what I mean… and I can’t figure out how to color the first person view.

I think you might have to change the entire view texture


You’ll need to do em both.

Ahhhhh… ty.