Setting Color with Command

for my flood server i have
This script

function GM:PlayerSay( player, text, teamonly )
string.lower(string.Left(text,7)) == "!color " then
player:ChatPrint("Youre color Have been changed")
return ""

how can i make it If i typ like colour !color 255 0 255 that is makes x1 255 x2 0 and x3 255?
Please help me thanks

can u please make it for me because i aint that good at lua :frowning:

Evidently you’re not good with forums either

Anyway, adding to your code, I would do something along the lines of:
[lua]function GM:PlayerSay( player, text, teamonly )
if (string.lower(string.Left(text,7)) == "!color “) then
local colour = string.Explode(” ", text)
player:ChatPrint(“Youre color Have been changed”)

That’s untested, though

Why did you make two different threads?