Setting Gamemode Via HLDS Shortcut

Ok. I know this is possible because ive done it before. I simply forgot how. When i used to use HLDS on my other computer to host my servers, i created a shortcut to the HLDS.exe and i had a command to set the gamemode in the shortcut. It was something like -sv_gamemode “Gamemode” but i dont remember. Can anyone tell me what it was? I bought a new computer and got rid of my old one so i cant just look at my old computer and see what it was.

You don’t run servers with HLDS, you update them with it.

hlds.exe is the legacy server. HldsUpdateTool.exe is the update tool.


Sry… Srcds. not HLDS :stuck_out_tongue:

The switch for default gamemode is “+sv_defaultgamemode”. Adding this to the command line will make the server load in that gamemode on startup.

odd… I tried that. >.> Thats in a shortcut? or are you giving me the .bat command line?

If you are using the console version you can use that switch, it can also go into your autoexec.cfg.

yeah. but theres one for the GUI version. I dont remember it though. I wish i had my old computer back so i could check >:(

But anyways thanks for the help.

I believe if you add sv_defaultgamemode DarkRP to your autoexec.cfg it should run, regardless of GUI or not. (Never tried, never used the GUI version)