Setting Networked Variable on player

Been trying to create a very simple gamemode, Here is the code that isn’t working. (Please ignore my Swedish comments)
PropTable = pl:GetNetworkedVar( “PropList” ) – Hämtar NWvar
if PropTable == null then
PropTable = {} – Ifall det inte finns så sätt det till tomt ({})
table.insert(PropTable,Sak) – Lägg in objektet i listan
pl:SetNetWorkedVar( “PropList”, PropTable ) – Skicka iväg

This is in the function that is called each time someone spawns something. “Sak” is the entity they are spawning. “pl” is the player.

This is how I’m thinking it:

  1. Player spawns something.
  2. Checks if the networked var PropList is empty, If it isn’t it sets PropTable to it, If it is it sets PropTable to{}.
  3. Insert “Sak”, The entity, to the list.
  4. Set the networked var.

Basically I’m trying to create a table for every player that includes everything they’ve spawned.

The error I’m getting is:

attempt to call method 'SetNetWorkedVar' (a nil value)

This is in Gmod 13 but I’m sure that’s not related to the error. Line 63 is line 6 in the above code snippet.

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Problem solved, Thanks for anyone reading it though. Was a stupid spelling mistake.

Here it’s called NetWorked var, Whereas in the other sections, Like GetNetworked var it’s written correctly.

This is what you get for copy and pasting i guess.

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I do have another problem though, I can’t network tables apparently. Any tips on another way to do this?
I suppose I could network the owner of each entity but that seems dumb because then i would be setting hundreds of networked variables instead of maybe 12.

Store the player’s values serverside and then send them through a usermessage and reconstruct the table clientside, is what I’d think.

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Create a serverside table called ‘proptable’ and then set proptable[guys steamID here] to a table of his props (inception tables ftw). Then you can send his table when the client needs it.

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You can create a console command serverside that triggers sending a umsg of the player’s props to the client and then create a menu that shows his props (or whatever you want to do) in the usermessage hook.

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Or if you need to show the owner for a specific prop (like when you look at it or something), you can do a concommand with Entity.EntIndex as one of its arguments and then do a umsg which sends it’s owner.

Thanks a lot. Works perfect.
This is what I’m using now if anyone else wonders about this sometime.
[lua]–Prop List (Sak is the entity)
if PropList[pl:UniqueID()] == nil then
PropList[pl:UniqueID()] = {}

Also make sure to delete a player’s part of the table when he disconnects.

[lua]function CleanUpProps(pl,command,args)
if PropList[pl] then
for k,v in pairs(PropList[pl]) do
PropList[pl] = nil

I can’t work on it right now but I’m guessing that all I need to do is hook this function I wrote for a cleanup command to whenever someone disconnects with perhaps a delay or something.
Should work fine right? Thanks.

Use SetNetworkedVar instead of SetNetWorkedVar

Yeah, that looks good.