Setting server rates?

Well I am assuming that the default network settings for a server are garage and you can change them too boost your servers performance. I was wondering what I would set these too and what ones do I changed? Depending where I read they vary quite a bit so I was hoping someone could help me out. Also should I set the tickrate to 100 or leave it at 66? Its a 20 slot pub.

AND PLEASE only respond if you know what you are talking about, don’t pull commands and values out of ur *** =p

The standard tickrate in gmod is already 66 if you run sandbox you shouldn’t lower it because it can make the physics look and act pretty weird.

The other thing is that I already tried to achieve better networking by changing some convars.
The result was about 1% more performance which isn’t really worth it because the first addon with not optimized usermessage or networkvar usage will take that 1%(or even more) right away.