Setting sv_* variables serverside (Lua) without sv_cheats 1

Alright so on my server-sided lua scripting, how would one go about changing cvars without needing sv_cheats 1?

The cvar I need to use is host_timescale.


I Don’t Think You Can.

Not With Lua

Think there’s a way I could do it via a binary module? I’m more than willing to code a binary module to do this but I’m not sure how lengthy it would be :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a module that lets you change permissions on commands, unfortunately i dont remember the name of it.:rolleyes:

It’s cvar2 but it’s not compatible with Linux unfortunately.

I’m breaking out my C++ skills (or lack thereof) to see if I can’t figure this thing out.

Which cvars are you thinking about setting? host_timescale? You could use the SetFlags and SetValue functions to make it able to use without cheats.

Again, cvar2 isn’t compatible with Linux or else I’d be doing that :stuck_out_tongue:

You may want to make a post in the binary module section asking for someone to compile it for linux. Someone should be able to do it for you.

People have been asking for it to be done but the creator isn’t working on it currently :stuck_out_tongue:

haza doesn’t have to be the one who compiles it for linux, Chrisaster has been known to help convert things to linux. May want to PM him on the forums.

Sweet I’ll shoot him a message :]

I believe this is possible in the big update.

The big update that’s about to happen, or one that just happened?

There was no big update yet.

Nevermind, Chrisaster ported cvar2 to linux :smiley: Thanks for the help guys (and Stonna, thanks for directing me to Chris. He did it in a heartbeat.)