Setting swep skin

I’ve tried just about everything I could think of… I’ve looked around on google and here, still havnt found an answer (Mainly probably because the gamemode i’m trying to do this for needs a custom function or something)

But what i’m trying to do is set a SWEP skin. The SWEP i’m referring to are the CS:GO Inspectable knives CSGO Knives SWEPs in the ‘skinned’ knives there is a piece of code that says

SWEP.Skin = “models/csgo_knife/knife_falchion_crimsonwebs”

I’ve read about how you guys feel about the Garry’s Mod Day-Z Gamemode, but i’m running a very old version made by CrashLemon… Anyways, Would there be any way to make a function or something to set the SWEP skin to something?

In the deploy function, use the SetMaterial function with the skin