Setting up a camera in a source game other than Garry's Mod?

Im currently making a machinima that requires using a different source game, Portal to be more precise. I want to set up a remote camera like you could using the camera tool in gmod. I have a demo recorded, thinking you would probably have to set it up in the demo, is there any command or something i could do to simulate the camera tool? Instead of just watching a playback of my portal sequence from my actor’s view, and with hud on.

You can remove your HUD with the console command of cl_drawhud 0 for OFF. Change the 0 to 1 to turn on again.

I would say if you have Garry’s Mod, you can play Portal in Garry’s Mod, you may have to switch your player model to match the portal character. And what I mean of playing I mean play the story, it actually lets you play Portal with all the stuff you would be playing in Portal itself. Just select the level you want to play and start filming!
Hope this helped in some way.

So really the answer to your question is no, atleast to my knowledge. Just play the Portal levels in Gmod and film away.

Look up the demo smoother, but don’t expect great stability.

yeah, the demo smoother is deprecated and not officially supported anymore

Demo smoother, quite hard to use though.

Yeah but what about the portal gun? All of the ones i know on Gmod either suck or are broken.

Hmm good point. I don’t know about the portal gun. I’ve used about 3 different portal guns and they all worked. Well that was before the patch. I don’t remember their names though

The demo smoother doesn’t work, i cant see my own player, which is supposed to be the actor. is there some kind of camera mod similar to the Source Film-maker? (or can source film-maker be used in portal?)

source filmmaker is not a camera mod and it works in all source games