Setting up a GMOD server

I recently bought a server from HC Servers, and im having some trouble. Im finding it difficult to get addons working with DarkRP & TTT, I don’t know wether I want it to be RP or TTT, is there anyone out there who would have the time to help me get it all working, I just want a stable server with some good addons just to get a small community, then I can grow it. You will be granted access to mostly everything if you want, your decision!

Message me on here

Email -

Steam - JackBrown181

Skype - JaackBrown

What addons are you trying to get working? If you are specific in what you need help in, people can help.

Like, I put the CSS Realistic in addons and the only ones ingame where flashbang and knife

Are all the others AddCSLuaFile’d properly? Also, I believe you have to add them to garrysmod/gamemodes/<gamemodename>/entities/weapons.