Setting up a good DarkRp?


Hey, I hired a server yesterday. And i wish to set up a good and stable darkRP mod
that i can make custom and etc.

And i got it running and so, but i dont know what Admin Tool i shuld use
that works with DarkRP.

I am very new to this and i have really no clue what to do, i have some friends helping me out.
But they never hosted a DARKRP before just sandbox and etc.

So what tool shuld i use? And if you are hosting or have hosted a DarkRP server.
Please contact me through this thread or to my account and we can add echother on steam to talk.

/Thank you

ULX or Evolve are good adminmods. I’d reccommend ULX, since I am used to it :v:

Ok, well i assume ULX works good with DarkRP then.

I would love to take contact with someone that knows how to edit DarkRP
And host it.
So please send me a private message if you got this intel! /Smoothie

I can help you out. I have PM’ed you

Jjyear69 that was not what i was looking for. The intel i need is to how to edit and Update the DarkRP

Read my 2nd PM


I decided to use Tiramisu instead. If you have knowlage on how to edit it please contact me.

Wait, why would you make a server based on a gamemode you know nothing about? I’d also use ULX by the way.

We Dont Need Anymore dark rp theres so many now that are owned by whiny little admins

DarkRP’s are made to troll.

If you tell little kids to stop hosting them, there’s no servers left to fuck around with.

It’s just one of those server’s you wana screw with and not mind getting banned from.

Dont get off the topic, Im trying to create a Medium Rp server. Nothing else.