setting up a naval play 2 server

anyone remember naval play 2?

there are only 2 naval play servers that stil exist and one of them is terrible where only admins have any ability to build ships. so after complaining and getting ban i vowed to go and make my own naval play server with blackjack and hookers. so far the server has a 9999 prop limit, no blacklisted props, wiremod, advanced duplicator 2 and pewpew. a custom map is under way which is coming along really well, unlike the previous nava play maps, this one has easter eggs for submarines and other underwater machines to find. it is all coming together very well.


i have no idea how to set up naval play on a server. could someone tell me how or give me a guide or tutorial or anything?

dont let naval play die out! please leave any suggestions below.

IP is but remember, it is in development right now so dont expect the server to be on until i announce it as complete. would appreciate all the help to get this server up and running!

Sounds fun, but I don’t think Naval Play 2 is publicly available. Your post sounds like you’re going to use their gamemode.