Setting up a PERP server.

Okay - so I looked all over the internet for the PERP files, but I couldn’t find them, so I actually ended up buying a license to PERP. I also bought a theity-slot Garry’s Mod server from http://www.xenonservers/com/. It includes an SQL database and seems easy enough to use. But how do I setup my PERP server?

Any help will be greatly appreciated; you just may be given admin privileges xD

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Whoever sold you PERP pretty much ripped you off.

How much did you pay for it?

I paid 25 bucks for the PERP license and 50 for the server.

I feel like 99% of people that say they paid for PERP are just saying it so we don’t flip shit on them, and actually did get it from a leak

he didnt say he bought it from hunts, though

lol 50$ for a thirty slot.
you got ripped off.

I checked prices of the servers from there and fifty dollars gets you 128 slots. According to the price chart.

its reversed perp was 50 server was 25

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Ask the person who you payed for help with setting it up. If they don’t help, you should now understand not to trust strangers on the internet.

I doubt someone is going to help you here.

Thats to bad people sell leaked mods the only legit perp server to date that still running is Hellzoneclan’s they got it through the legit channels. But yea dont trust people saying they can sell you perp nobody can.
No reason to even try it’s not as easy to run and keep it running these days.

You should feel lucky you can run garrys mod without the launcher dll shit

Quit crying and please do something else, You’ve been ranting in several threads without contribution.

Anyways, I suppose you should ask the person who sold you PERP

Okay I will tell you what to do, it’s pretty simple if you know how to set-up a basic server.

  1. Upload your PERP to the game modes folder like you would do to any other folder. Be sure to place the .dll files the right places.
  2. Upload your PERP content, so there will be no errors.
  3. Upload the tabs to a MySQL database that uses phpMyAdmin.
  4. Get the IP, Name & Password from your SQL database, and put the information in a specific Lua file. This depends on what PERP you bought, the one you bought it from should tell you.
  5. Start server and you are good to go :v:

You also need the evocity v33x server edition!