Setting up a server [PAYPAL]

Hello Sorry for my first post being a begging for help sort of thing
But i have recently started Renting a Gmod Server and to be honest
I have next to no idea to what I am doing
I require the help/assistance (Probably Nearing 90% of the work Done)
To make a server that is DarkRP and has all the traits of a popular/Serious Dark RP Server

As I am indeed in need of a lot of help your help wont be unrewarded I am willing to put some extra pennies
into your pocket as I feel that its not something that can be done at the click of a finger

Here is a list of some of the stuff I would like to see done of the server
(blank = Not Started)
DarkRP Mod = Done
DarkRP Customization (F4 Menu) =
Custom Jobs (To be chosen) =
Custom/Premade Skins =
ULX + Ulib (Need to know how to alter/edit) = (Installed But not edited)
Things Like Custom Cars =
Alot of custom items =
Wiretool =
!Motd = Needs to have one
Loading screen =
Fast DL = (not sure if i have it)

Please help and add me on steam: istealpussy

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My bad I don’t have the darkrp mod

Best off posting this on Also you really shouldn’t be starting a server if you have no idea what you are doing…

That name tho

Anywho, get on CoderHire and post this there instead.

I’ll do it if you really need it.

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Add me on Steam here.

He already asked on CH.

Oh, poor him, spending money on something so simple.