Setting up a server - would like a little help

Hey guys

so ive been playing rust for a week or so and so far I am loving it. However I have never owned a server before and decided I’d like to have a stab at it. So I have rented one for a few months to see how it goes before I go back to the official ones or not.

So far I have downloaded rusty, connected to my server and managed to play around with a few admin commands. All good there. However I have not yet managed to work out how to add details about my server into the global server list or any of that other jazz. So far I have only been able to connect to it via the IP address supplied to me by the provider but I wondered if you guys might have a guide somewhere I may have overlooked or not read that could guide me through these steps?

I want to add a blurb to my server to explain to people what it is about, I would like to name it also and I would like to add some of the details that everyone else seems to tag on their server names but I need to know what each of the abbrieviations stands for?

Can anyone help me with some of this? you might think I have gone off at the deep end with purchasing a server rental outright and you might well be right but I have put wallet before brain and I am now determined to see this through.

any help would be hugely appreciated

Many thanks for a great game!

I posted a similar thread a while back and had some more questions so I’ll add it in here rather than necro post. Someone mentioned a kind of how to guide in the server setup files. Can we get an explicit explanation of where to find everything we need?

Sometimes, the provider usually can set up the server settings for you. I have no clue c:

The provider did give me an FAQ and a detailed set of instructions. That is how I managed to connect for myself etc.

The main issue I have is that I cannot allow others to see the server and so its kind of pointless at the moment. I dont want a private server, i want it to be popular with other players and be viewed as a place they want to come and play and shoot one another.

I think i need to register the server somehow with Rust or something else so that it appears in the server browser but I am lacking the knowledge to do this.

To be honest I wouldn’t waste your money hosting a server. ATM hosting the server means your paying monthly to play rust, as the chance of your server getting players is right around .0000000001%. Take it from someone who had a server for 2 months, had 15-20 friends in it most the time and only every got around 5 new players, its just not worth it with how saturated this game is with servers. Until rust sees around another 15k players and the server count drops about 1k, then it would be beneficiual to run a server.

Strike f1 to console, commands are as follows
server.url “url goes here”
server.headerimage “image url goes here”
server.description “server description goes here”
server.hostname “hostname goes here”
Then type
server.writecfg (saves config)
As for the tags they are probably just adding them via there steam display name?
Edit: if logged in relog I’m working on a new server over the next few days if you would like to jump in and learn a few things let me know.