Setting up Applejack

Well yes, i know i’ll get flamed but what the hell.

I’ve got the MySQL tables, now i want to install it on my PC. Is there such a way not using a dedi server? I just want to see the gamemode, and i cannot run it without the SQL thingie set-up.
So if you guys could help me and tell me how to install it on my PC/Trial or Free Dedi server i’d thank you very much.

Get XAMPP, start the MySQL server and Import the .sql file.
Then get the modules into your local Garry’s Mod installation.
Set everything up and start the gamemode. Should work.

If it doesn’t set up a Gameserver with the hldsupdatetool.

(Where exactly is the problem? The MySQL?)

Thank you

Google would have been a lot faster than posting on here.

Not posting pointless and not-helping comments on the thread would have been a lot faster than doing so.