Setting up Cider I got Cider from here, i tried running it, i’ll tell you exactly what i’ve done:

1.) Imported players.sql to the database
2.) Edited sv_configurations.lua to match everything
3.) Placed the libmysql.dll on steamapps/username/garrysmod

Still nothing works, i also have gm_tmysql.dll on lua/includes/modules, i really dont know how to fix this, i want to run Cider on SP and start working on it before i am buying a server… Thanks.

i don’t believe you can do that. You might be able to make a listen server but set it to LAN mode so others cant connect. but if you do SP, it won’t connect to MySQL

Do i have to use Xampp?

Not necessarily. Do you own a shared web hosting site? if so, you could put your mysql server on there then add your IP as a Remote Database Access Host. This would allow your computer to connect to your site’s DB from your IP, just gotta watch that it doesn’t change :wink:

If you don’t have shared web hosting, yeah, download xampp and just run the mysql server.

Already an error

You’re using Cider.

Just install MySQL locally or get a free MySQL host.