Setting up Cry of Fear SDK

How exactly can I do this? I followed the tutorial on the COF forum, but it was no help. How do I set it up for the steam version?

Does anyone know how to set it up?

Steam’s version = trouble

I tryed set it up myself and the compilers just doesn’t want to work.

Textures for me don’t show up. everything is blank…

Did you try adding the textures in the WAD list?

Can you show me an in depth guide cause I’m new to mapping in general…
What are FGD’s and WAD’s and all that?

I was stuck 10 min trying to make my sentence, apparently, can’t get it, so I’ll do it that way.

FGD= Entities for your game.

WAD= Textures for the game.

I’ve put them to the correct directories. it still dosn’t show up. I need help in installing them in the first place. I have the Half Life SDK…


I can set up it for you through Steam, it would be easier for me to show you.

I can’t seem to find you on the steam community.
if you can, add me

I keep getting errors each time I try to get you, so here’s my profile: