Setting up Google code for a gamemode?

How can I set it up?

Yeah, I’m trying to do the same thing. Any help would be appreciated. Can it be set up to work with sv_downloadurl?


No, I ment like how do I set up the gamemode for SVN, so people can upload it on the svn addess. I already have that set up.

Well first you make a folder then svn checkout it and to add files drag the folder to the svn folder and right click on the folder you added and add it to the svn then commit it.

This is all gibberish to me. Can someone else try to elaborate on this with proper punctuation?

It’s not gibberish you’re just stupid.

Make a folder on the desktop -> Checkout -> put the googlecode svn in -> press ok -> add files to the damn folder -> right click on the folder -> go on TortoiseSVN and then click “Add” -> and commit -> And you’ve done it!