Setting up Half Life Model Viewer for GarrysMod

I’m having a hard time setting up Half Life Model Viewer to correctly view models within the garrysmod folder.
The issue is when I try to open a model, it’s invisible… Can neither view bones, mesh, or textures.

Help would be appreciated!

That’s not something we can help with right now, unfortunately. Valve’s decision to “update” the Source SDK has pretty much caused it to break. Some people (myself included) are still trying to get the compilers to work again, but that seems to be a 50-50 shot at this time. The model viewer’s pretty much fucked until Valve can get around to fixing it (assuming they ever do).

in the mean time, there is HL2’s SDK tools found in common/halflife2/bin

Unfortunately, even the model viewer there is broken for the time being (at least from what I’ve noticed on my end - can’t say the same for others).

When i make something for Garry’s Mod, i compile and view the model(s) using Team Fortress 2’s or Source Filmmaker’s compiler and model viewer, then i just take the files and put them in the Garry’s Mod directory

Can you view models in the model viewer?

I figured out a way to get the model compiled for those who can’t get it done. simply Add a gameinfo.txt and then load the .QC