Setting up hammer for garry's mod.

I tried the method on the wiki, and I can’t get the textures from any other source game but hl2 episode 2. I added the fgd’s from the list, but nothing else shows up. Yes I restarted source sdk and hammer.

Also, when compiling, it won’t even compile, it just launches source sdk base orange box.

The trick is, you don’t. You don’t need any special configuration for Garrys Mod. Just use Half-Life 2 : Episode 2, if you don’t own that use Ep1 or Half Life 2.
When you’ve got your map all sorted out just copy it from “episode 2>maps>” to “garrysmod>maps>”.

I want to use the textures from ALL the source games I have that garry’s mod supports. It’s annoying having to go in between several games just so I can see how it looks and even if it fits,

I understand why hes asking though. I had (and sort of continue to have, although I pretty much gave up) the same question. Making maps for gmod is sort of a unique situation, since as long as you make the required games clear, you could in theory safely use assets from any source game. I’ve never been able to successfully figure out how to get Hammer to allow browsing content from all games, rather than just HL2/Ep2…

My hammer uses all source textures as long as the game is installed. I use a garrysmod configuration which is basically the same as ep2’s except I use the gmod fgd and the map paths differ.

Iv’e tried this, but didn’t have any luck, the model/texture browser still only showed content from ep2/hl2. I’ll give it another shot though and see what I can figure out.

Same. I might as well copy all tf2/counter strike source/portal textures into the gmod folder.