Setting up hammer?

Can anyone give me a guide on how to setup hammer for map making? most guides i use end my hammer to fail or are outdated

Use the Source Multi Tool

Or this, [TUTORIAL] How to Setup Garry’sMod13 for Mapping (The Easy Way)

Thank you both for your responses but what i couldnt find is what game would i start the configuration when i boot up hammer and in the build tabs what configuration do i use? thanks

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getting missing material editor wireframe or w.e

If you’re talking about the 3D camera being untextured, if you go into the top left hand corner of the 3D view, change the 3D camera to “3D Textured”

If you want to make maps and not have the slightest clue as to what you were doing the whole time, sure.

Source Multi Tool works perfectly for HL2DM… but shits itself when trying to launch Hammer for Gmod. And yes, I’ve tried setting up Custom Config.

Any novice mappers tried the tutorial from the third post in this thread?

-Edit- F@ck me! I’ve conquered it… It’s working perfectly now.