Setting up MySQL

My friend want’s to start up a server with a game mode that requires a MySQL Server. He is currently using WAMP, and he needs help on what to do. He knows where to put the modules, its just all about the MySQL Server, if anyone knows how to set up a MySQL Server with WAMP, or something easier then please respond.

your “friend,” hm? I like XAMPP for MySQL.

Yep. that would be me. also Im having trouble where once the server starts up. it spits out an error saying that tmysql is not found.

Any ideas on where to get this .dll and get it so that it will be recognized by srcds?

jagger it isnt me i got a mysql server already for my sunrise. its for my buddy ^

and i was curious why you deleted all of outer edge from the svn, my friend is trying to run it.

no more replies i got it working for him.