Setting up new TTT server help

Hi people

So I’m setting up a new TTT server hosted by

I got some problems, cause i’m pretty new to this (SORRY).

  1. I would like to add a “rank” column on the scoreboard, and I guess I need to know about lua to do that, but I found this link:, but I’m not really sure where to add people’s steam ID and whatnot and I’m not really sure where to place the file.

  2. I would like to add a map voting mod or something, not really sure where to get it, I know about the codehire site, but there must be an easier way, than paying for it.

  3. Where to get a decent pointshop and how to add things to it.

There’s more… but I don’t wanna ask about too much.

I know this is pretty much basic stuff, but I’m a noob v.v


  1. Read again

  2. Willox released one. GO find it in the workshop

  3. Undefined’s one is great.