Setting up Prop Hunt game mode?

I’m sorry if this seems like a really easy question, but I just can’t seem to get the Prop Hunt gamemode to work on my server. I’ve tried everything! I’ve even downloaded the gamemode via workshop and extracting it with Gmad. Could someone tell me how I properly install and get the game mode to start by default? I have looked on google by I can’t find any definitive guides, they all vary in how they say to install it?

You need to put the Prop Hunt & Fretta folders in your /gamemodes/ folder. You then need to make sure that you add +gamemode “prop_hunt” into your start up line. This will get the basics working, you can find many tutorials on how to configure and customize it. I just learned how to set up a prop hunt last week, took me 20 minutes of reading and observing how other servers work.

You need to extract the *.gma file, and put the folders in the respective areas.


You may want to try +gamemode “prophunt” if the one above doesn’t work properly, I do believe they are both options on various versions of the gamemode.