Setting up server help, you benifit:)

Though this may be marked as dumb, I’m pretty desperate xD so I’m asking for help setting up this gmod server, as I have really not a clue what I’m doing and the customer service from the webhost I’m using is less than descriptive… I’m trying to set up a HaloRP server with jobs, admin controls obviously, and other simple features. Please let me know, if you’re willing to make a new fan :wink: Might be willing to pay if you kinda take over this operation.

Or how about you face reality where people don’t do your shit, and you have to get your own hands dirty? Nobody wants to help you if its a “might” add me and ill help get you started

go grab darkrp, google darkrp jobs maker tool, make some jobs, toss em in, grab ulx, toss it in.

then you can change the name of the gamemode in darkrp.txt

FFS, we’re not at it again with the whole - add a couple of addons, change the name of Dark RP and claim it as your own - are we? This really is getting old. Not that I don’t think Dark RP has it’s place, but we’ve got so many servers running it already, don’t flipping start changing the name of it so it fills up the server list more, and if you are gunna use Dark RP, then bloody call it that and give them credit.

This. I never understood why people change the name.

I think you need to face the facts that you don’t belong running a server if you can’t even set it up by yourself.