Setting Up Shop in the Wastes

Hey guys, since so many servers have been experiencing issues with placing foundations I’ve been frustrated trying to start on new servers. I’ve recently gone and set up shop out in the wastes. Just a small shack crammed with as many wooden boxes as I can fit and a sleeping bag. It’s not too far from resources but just far enough that it’s out of line of sight and hopefully won’t get raided. As anyone else tried this?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand hackers will now turn up at your doorstep

I tried in hacker mountain south, right near the south wastes. Had great success, close to resources, farish from towns which meant farish from high population, lots of nomads set up out there so I had a good network of friendly reserved neighbors. I’m about it. Wish you the best of luck :slight_smile: :wink:

Haha that’s why I don’t play on official servers.

Being solo I usually have a main house just on the edge of the wastes, as it’s the first line of defense for you. If you have neighboors, they are also generally friendly or at least won’t shoot at first sight. For me. On non-official servers.

Same here, hacker valley is where it’s at lol

Watchout they see your boxes 500 meters and your sleeper (the hackers)


I play on a server with 60+ players and i live in wasteland (which i always do) and ive never been raided

I should try that.

There is a few spots in both hacker mountain south and hacker mountain north where you can fit 3-4 foundations in a line. They also have rocks/mountains on both sides so it forces raiders to blow through your doors. So as a resource shack its nice as it takes 6c4 to get to your stash no matter which way they try to get it for minimal building resources.

This isn’t good practice but I always build next to radtown, a little ways past to the left exit by the building with stairs if you entered from the barn direction.

Haven’t experienced trouble but I also don’t even stay in any one server long enough to see some.

Also if your planning on running around hacker valley to collect resources I highly recommend building 1-2 barricades and keep them on a hot bar slot. This is just in case someone tries to jump you. Hacker Valley is so wide open if you get caught out in the middle of it, you pretty well dead. Having a barricade or 2 you can put down can be a life saver out there sometimes.

Next to small rad there’s a rock formation that forms a little crevice down to the ground, I used to put a foundation there with a door blocking the side you can walk down to and the other side being open since it was just a rock wall there, and then I covered up the top portion of the crevice with spike walls and called it the hippopit :stuck_out_tongue: I actually got quite a few raider backpacks that way, since they tried squeezing through gaps, only to fall and get stuck in the spikes. Always nice to log on to 2 or 3 backpacks w/ leather armor and junk :stuck_out_tongue: