Setting up Sourcebans

Hey, I’m trying to setup sourcebans for my servers.

I’ve tried setting up “Lexic”'s version but that doesn’t really make sense, it tells you to add a setup file but he doesn’t tell you how to open the setup.

So, could anyone go through on how to install Sourcebans on Garry’s Mod?


Don’t use that.

Use ULX or ASSmod to administer your server.

Didn’t answer my question at all.

Garry’s Mod doesn’t support that plugin as it is a Sourcemod plugin.

You’ll need to get your hands on an lua script which uses MySQL connection to a server which is using sourcebans then you can apply bans, read bans etc.

But you’ll need someone to code it for you.
Sadly I don’t know how to code lua.

Good luck!

Don’t use Assmod


I got to the setup config part, then got lost…

Stop telling him what admin mod to use, that isn’t what he’s asking.

Thank you very much.