Setting Up sv_download Url

so, i bought a webhost and planned to use sv_downloadurl for my server. i just want to know what files do i need to upload, i read the gmod wiki though, cant still understand, do i upload wiremod? phx 3? or just my custom models? and sounds?

and also, what do i need to do with my lua files, what do i put in the cache folder?

For fast DL, you need to upload one core thing first off, which is the cache. On the webserver, create a directory under <whatever folder is here>/garrysmod/cache/dua. Take all of the dua files (via copy mind) from your game server and upload them to the webserver. That’s the main part out of the way. Now for things like models, you need to place the corresponding files in the garrysmod/models directory.

Basically, it works the same as if you were installing it manually on your own pc in this case.

in case i would like to install a new lua addon, do i need to run my gmod server to create the cache?

Run it everytime you add something, and upload the cache again.

ok, thanks for the help :slight_smile: