settings.lua not saving/working

I tried to change norespawn to true AND false, and restarted server both times. When I switched jobs through f4, I just popped up as the job, and didnt even respawn.

Current setting I want include;

– norespawn - Enable/Disable that people don’t have to respawn when they change job.
GM.Config.norespawn = false

– showhealth - Whether or not to display a player’s health above their head in-game.
GM.Config.showhealth = false

– deathblack - Whether or not a player sees black on death.
GM.Config.deathblack = true

None of them change, and I am frustrated it wont work.

Must update server.cfg and the lua file in darkrpmodifications

Are you using Darkrp’s modification master? And norespawn can be blocked, try reinstalling darkrp and darkrp modifications

What do you mean by ‘true AND false’? I don’t quite get it, can you please explain?

I changed each of those setting from true and tested it, then changed it to false and tested it and both times it didnt work.

What do you mean by ‘modifications master’ ?

That’s the default name for the DarkRP folder you should of installed from github. When you downloaded DarkRP, did it say “darkrpmodification-master” for the folders name? If it didn’t that I would have to presume you have not installed the right DarkRP.

It ended up working after like 4 restarts, which was odd to me, but yes. I do have the folder, was kind of folder called darkrpmodification. Was a bit confused on the “-master” part. I just downloaded the DarkRP from the Serenity content. Edited those files.

I didnt change anything and it said it was saved in the files but wasnt working correctly. Idk. Thank you all for the help :slight_smile:

Just tried to change more, and again. Didnt work in the server. It shows that its saved in the cfg file, but it doesnt work in game…