Settings reset when trying to host a server

I’m working on a DarkRP server with ASSMod. I can get in game and set all the settings I want to, but then ASSMod always seems to reset itself every time I restart the server. Is there any know reason why this is happening?

I’ve made sure that everything in the server folder is NOT read only. Also, I have changed the files multiple times. The only thing that changes back to the default is ASSMod. I have made myself an owner countless times, and I keep trying to remove those stupid popups that come in over head. I’m set to super admin on the users list in the settings file. What else should I do?

Don’t suggest switching to ULX. I’m thinking about it, but I really like the looks and ease of ASSMod.

EDIT: Just read that ASSMod is broke… Looks like it’s back to ULX.