Settling physics props via map_edit to optimize map?

So I’m trying to optimize my TTT map by settling the physics props and having them start asleep. I can’t get it to work properly though. It just ends up crashing Gmod and freezing the Hammer viewports. I’m using map_edit and following this guide on the Valve Developer Community.

The console command wc_update_entity has been replaced by hammer_update_entity from what I understand, and when I type “hammer_update_entity prop_physics” into console, Garry’s Mod crashes and the viewports in Hammer are frozen, rendering Hammer unusable. When I close and re-open hammer, the positions of the physics props have not changed. It’s very important that I settle the physics props, since one of the main complaints of the last version of my map is how slow it is when the map spawns (which is caused by the physics props falling when they spawn).

I’ve also tried this method using Counter Strike: Source instead. No crashes or anything, but it just doesn’t update anything in hammer. When I type “hammer_update_entity prop_physics” in console it outlines the physics props in red, indicating it didn’t successfully update the props in hammer.

How can I get this to work properly?

Well I managed to get the job done by using HL2 instead of Garry’s Mod. Looks like it’s broken in Gmod. I posted a bug report on the GitHub issues page.