Setup and grid issues

I’ve tried setting up Gmod, looked through a bunch of tutorials, none of them seemed to have the solution to the problem.
Hammer works perfectly with L4D2, TF2 and Portal, but when I try to set it up for Gmod, I don’t have a grid or a 3D view and any brushes I try making don’t appear.
Here’s a screenshot of my settings.

(this isn’t the problem)

It’s because you configured it for the wrong engine.
Wait about a day until Gmod updates to the 2009 engine, then configure it for that.

I’m having this problem with source 2007 and 2009.
2006 is working fine.

More info on that one?
I assume that the engine are those vvis, vbsp files.
A day?

Sorry for stupid questions.

Just map for Ep2 and it will work in Gmod no problem.

If I don’t own EP2?
What exactly would be the settings for that?

You can use pretty much any source game to map for garrysmod.

Portal, tf2, hl2:ep2, hl2:ep1, hl2, hl2:lc, hl2:dm, Dod:S, CS:S, ect…

But how? I don’t understand.

What don’t you understand? How to use those games in hammer, or why garrysmod lets you use those?

How to use a different source game for Gmod.
What would the settings look like?

What source game do you own?

Left 4 Dead 2
Team Fortress 2

Use either Portal or TF2 at the moment, then tomorrow (or whenever the Gmod update goes live), make a Garrysmod SDK config under the Source 2009 engine.

… but how?! D:

Oh… this thing, you mean?

Yes. Change the Current Game to portal.

Ok, but then I’m going to be mapping for Portal.
How exactly would I work it for Gmod?

Move the .bsp from your steam\steamapps\username\portal\portal\maps folder to your steam\steamapps\username\garrysmod\garrysmod\maps\ folder, load up gmod, and it should be there.

Also, make sure you don’t have any spaces, periods, or commas in your map name when you save it.

So, there’s going to be lots of screwing around every time I want to test the map?

[del]You could test it in portal you know, just do sv_cheats 1 in console and impulse 101 for the weapons.

When you are done testing and you are on the final version you can move the map to your Garry’s Mod map folder.[/del]

You can change the save directory to your garry’s Mod one.

Tool>Option>Build Porgrams tab> “Place Compiled Maps in this Directory”: $SteamUserDir\garrysmod\garrysmod\maps

Well, alright.

Thanks, man.