SetVelocity difficulties

So yeah, i got my weapon to throw me into the air.

local shootvector = self.Owner:GetShootPos()
local aimvector = self.Owner:GetAimVector()
local selfvector = aimvector * 500
local myvector = selfvector - Vector(0,0,selfvector.z) + Vector(0,0,249)
local myforward = myvector

The problem is, i’m trying to configure it to push me only a tiny bit off the ground. As you can see, it’s 249: this appears to be the minimum velocity to get you off the ground. However, this much force propels you approx 5 metres into the air. Anything below this and i get stuck on the ground and move a few centimetres. So i ask you, is there any way to move a bit off the ground, but not too much?

I remember having this same issue, have you tried setting your position up off of the ground a little before setting the velocity?

Nope. Not sure i want to do this… might try it. Any suggestions?

just move the player up like 5 units before doing the rest of that stuff

i hate how feet stick to the ground like that

You need to do self.Owner:SetGroundEntity(NULL) before setting the velocity.