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Is this going to be full gamemode?
If so, are you going to make the maps yourself or will you use already existing ones?

I really like the looks of it.

It’s not a full game-mode, It’s integrated into sandbox, Mostly because it gives me a bit more freedom.

I admit, I’m a horrible mapper and i have no intention on mapping anything, But a few of my friends are good at that sort of thing, So that might be my answer.

Where can i download this
looks fucking awesome

Where are the voices in the Vol & Focus Combat video from? They sound familiar.

It’s not up for download right now, You can see at the top i mentioned people asking for a thread, Sorry.

I wont disclose the source, I’m sure you’ll have fun finding out for yourself.

hurry up, i need this

to me it sounds like very highly edited cuts from the HL2 rebels
… or alyx

Seems very similar to Dark Messiah. Which is a good thing.

I don’t know how to answer that, Are you demanding me to hurry up or are you asking me?

Its neither of those sources, But it IS a source engine game.

That was my main inspiration for starting this project actually. Dark Messiah was amazing.

asking, begging and pleading

It’s like getting a song stuck in your head that you don’t know the name of

Dont hurry this.

Coding takes time, and im pretty sure that when this releases, you will be pleased.

but do it as quickly as possible without rushing it


Theres no way to take that as no rushing, just wait please…

You are fucking amazing. Holy shit.

Which is the equivalent of asking someone to go quickly, but take their time doing so.

Anyway, how will the enemies in Seven Swords be handled (AKA: Will enemies like the Combine Elites or Striders go down easily with seven players instead of one player)?

And are you considering/implementingmore features and possible teamwork for navigation, like giving another player a lift or helping them jump further; will there also be times where players can’t get up, requiring either a difficult recovery or a hand (somebody with fatigue is holding onto a ledge, and either needs to be helped up or recover gradually whilst trying to hold on: kind of like ‘I Am Alive’ with the Extreme Effort, though not necessarily button mashing)?

Might seem a bit drastic when the focus is on strength-in-numbers combat/possibly puzzles, but with this players would use the rest feature regularly, and it would encourage helping each other out. I mean, if five people died, and there were seven players total…that’d give them a reason to help each other out, if the difficulty changes depending on how many players are actually on the server. The co-operation for both getting other players further ahead, and helping weakened ones, would ensure that no one gets left behind.

that was the joke

The enemies weaknesses and strengths vary between Your play style, And your element.

Here is a quick example.

You’re fighting zombies, Your element is Light, You have low power daggers and a long bow.

You can’t do much damage with the daggers, And the enclosed swarm of zombies gives you no room to use your bow, Your light magic for healing yourself isn’t as strong as healing other players, This is a bad situation.

Now, You’re fighting zombies, Your element is fire, You have a low power short sword, And a tier 2 shield.

You can equip the shield and block the zombies attacks without getting tired, Since shields drain less stamina than parrying with a sword does, While you’re blocking the zombies with your shield, Your mana is slowly regenerating, Soon enough, You have 50 mana, You cast “Fire Aura”, Killing the surrounding zombies with AOE Flames.

Teamwork can be many things, Light players can heal people who get knocked out, Allowing them to wake up exactly where they got K-O’d instead of at a restoration point, Earth can use Shard to boost players higher with the rocks that are created.

Teamwork also comes into the magic system, Where you can combine many elemental spells to create others.

A good example is if a Fire element casts a Fire ball into an Earth elements Earthquake, You create a Magma Quake, It practically turns the earth quake into a high damaging burn quake that launches mini fireballs every 1.2 seconds.


There’s a fair amount of these combos, too, enough that you’d be able to sit and experiment with things for a while