Several Crashes

Lately I have had several crashes in rust, this are all the reports that i have:


All look the same problem but I am not an expert, any solution? is it a problem from rust or from my computer?


Also i get the same crash today on the loading screen.

My system:
Processor: AMD FX™-6100 Six core processor 3.3GHz
RAM:8.00 GB
x64 OS
Graphics card: nVidia GeForce 210

How can i solve this problem? please help me guys… i can’t play this game even once.

All those folders say is to change your “UnityEngine.dll into Unity Child Domain” and i dont know how to do that. when you open up the note pad for “UnityEngine.dill” it says ‘This program cannot be run in DOS mode.’ and on windows 10 i cant find how to turn “DOS mode” off…

Who can explain that fix?

Those errors get fixed by the devs.

It’s not fixed… i can’t play still.

Which branch are you running? If its pre-release I remember reading some mention of a lot of bugs pending the next stable Unity version release.