Several Half-Life 2 E3-leak skin requests

Allright, now i’ve started to gather as many E3 skins available for the default HL2. I want to see how close can i get to the beta. But there are a few skins i cannot reach. I will list them here.

  • Leak Buggy with an actual hood and maybe a bit more contrast.*
  • Airboat with more beaten up and rusty metal parts. **
  • HL2 Leak RPG model [It’s included in one GMOD SWEP pack.***]
  • And also…i would fancy if someone could reskin the default Gravity Gun, so it has a lot less glow around the core part and the metal looks more like actual metal rather than plastic. Maybe simialr to the matel in the leak physgun?****
  • The SMG1 replaced with slightly improved SMG3 model? (Slightly improved means someone could improve the texture, maybe smooth the model that kinda stuff.)
  • Maybe the E3 357 skin. It was shinier than the default which sucks balls.


Now this can be achieved in a few ways. Either lurk many many boring hours on the internet or try and make them yourself i suppose. I can help by providing more visual content if needed but that’s all i can do i’m afraid. And i am requesting these for HL2 as skin prelacements, NOT lua-coded into Gmod. Although it sounds cool, it can’t be ported to HL2 as far as i know. And one more thing. I know FPSB has a Buggy replacement like the one in the photo i have in the OP, but the download link is broken adn therefore the file’s not available.

I’ll check out and try to search myself, although i think i’ll have to trust the modelers/texturers on this.

Go download Missing Information and have the content replace your HL2 content.


is that my zombine player model?

I just want the buggy