Several ideas

Im still worried if this is the wrong place to post.

But i was wondering for a item that can increase your max health and Battery armor from your HEV suit over 100?

And a item that completely refills and maxes out your ammo, health and armor?

and a S_ent mobile Auto-turret with limitless jumping capabilities and hover capabilities that follows you around at any speed, and follows you around anywhere, it does not shoot allies, but shoots enemies.

Can this be a spawn? Or can this be produced through a tool so you can determine if it will shoot further and more accurate? Or stronger shots but slightly inaccurate?

And there is a problem with the Inventory Addon.

Hook ‘LoadInventoryData’ Failed: includes/modules/glon.lua:327: Unknown type ID, 34!

Hook ‘InventoryAddonPickupItem’ Failed: IA_init.lua:57: attempt to index field ‘InventoryAddon’ (a nil value)

I had the Addon all by itself in a new folder, and it still acts up, and i thought its from having so many Addons.

Is this Glon.lua all that trouble? Is this common or the Inventory Addon is acting up?

I need help, answers and ways to fix this T.T

Hope for replies.