Several Ideas

Since I started playing G-Mod I collected some Ideas for new SEnts and SWeps that I’m stupid to code for. I also post here some things that I’ve also posted in other threads, so please don’t complain, that I’ve already posted that, I know it. So if someone is searching for new Ideas, here they are:

1. A Physgun entity:
A SEnt that works like the Physgun SWep. It could be controlled by numpad or wire. It should work like the Wire Grabber, but shouldn’t temporary weld things to it, it sould only move them (exactly like the SWep).

2. A Tasernade:
A grenade that stuns all Players and NPC’s in it’s radius and turns them for a ammount of time into ragdolls. In that time you can steal their weapons, do damage to them or do whatever you want. Link to a “normal” Taser:

3. A mouse controlled Jet vehicle:
Simply a Jet, that you fly with the mouse instead of using WASD. The controlls would be nearly the same like the ones from the Jumper of Ronon Dex (Thankyou very much for that wonderfull vehicle). Here is the link, if you don’t already tryed it out:

4. “Walkthrough” Gun:
Something like a Portalgun. You can shoot on thin walls and it will create an Portal through the wall, so you can simply walk through the wall and after some time the Portal will close again. It also wouldn’t be necessary making an RT-View, the Heatwave-Effect would do that job very well I think.

5. A sniper-rifle with a toggleable Silencer:
I think it would be very cool for RP-Servers to have that. It would be great if ther would also be a info-HUD in the Zoom-View, so you can see the Health of your target.

6. AI-Sights:
An option for Combinetroopers that gives them a realistic view, so they can see more in bright and less in dark rooms, and maybe a Flashlight for some of them.

7. Grappling SWep:
Something like the Grappling-Hook but with Hands instead of a Weapon and that works more realistic, so you don’t hang on a rope, you can really climb up walls.

8. Gravity changing SEnt:
A SEnt that can controll the gravity, so you can set the gravity ammount and it’s direction, so that it’s possible to walk on walls and things. It sould also be possible to set the radius of the Device, so you can create things like anti-gravity-fields.

9. Remote controlled Roboters:
Something like the Robots from the Movie “Surrogates”, that you can controll by sitting in a Chair or whatever. That would enable to have different Players and give them Weapons for different Situations.

10. No weapon Pickup:
A simple Console-Command that disables the ability of a player to pick up Weapons, so you can make RP-Games more realistic. Also it sould be possible to set the startingweapons of a player by a menu or by console.

I’m sorry, if I posted something that already exists, and I’m sorry for my bad english.
I hope there is somebody, who is searching for work and see this thread.

I really like the Gravity Sent idea. Hope that gets made.

The remote robot is cool. I would love to sit in a chair and control the robot. Allmost see threw it’s eyes with blue lines going across the hud for robot eye effect. You move weirder and stufe.

The AI-Sights would be awsome, you could just sneak around them and whatnot.

Also one “new” Idea. A smoke- and a flashgrenade that also affects NPCs. That would be very useful for singleplayer.